2023 Tennessee Arts Academy - Online Application Form

2023 TAA Dates: July 9 - July 14 on the Belmont University campus in Nashville, Tennessee.

All 2023 Tennessee Arts Academy applications must be processed online.

If you have any difficulty with this form, please call the TAA office at 615-460-5451 or Click here to contact us

Early Application Dates: October 1, 2022 - March 1, 2023

Regular Registration Dates: Begins March 2, 2023 and runs through the end of June or until classes are filled.

** Please Note: The current plans are for the Academy to be an on-campus experience. If travel, activity, occupancy, or assembly advisories or restrictions are issued or imposed by federal, state, or local health and governmental authorities, and/or by Belmont University, the Tennessee Arts Academy will switch to a virtual event and will alert all registered participants at the earliest possible date as soon as a decision has been made.


Acceptance Information

All qualified early bird applicants are guaranteed acceptance for the 2023 Tennessee Arts Academy. If you sign-up after the March 1, 2023 early registration deadline date, your application will be considered in order of the date your application was received, alongside all other eligible candidates for admission to the 2023 Tennessee Arts Academy session. Please note that classes often fill early, so applicants who register after March 1 are not guaranteed a slot. The earlier you apply the better chance you have of being accepted. First time applicants receive priority.

Application Instructions:

Please complete all applicable sections. When finished, click on the submit button. You will receive an e-mail at the primary e-mail address listed that indicates your application form has been received in the TAA office. [NOTE: Questions #35-#36-#37 will require you to know some information about your general school student population. You may wish to look at these questions prior to completing the application.]

Notification of Status:

Notification of status ("accepted", "wait list" or "not accepted") will be e-mailed shortly after you apply. As soon as spots become available, applicants placed on the wait list will be moved into the "accepted" category and immediately notified of their new status. [NOTE: Typically a large number of applicants on the wait list are eventually moved into the "accepted" category].

Acceptance Letter Email:

All "accepted" applicants will receive an acceptance letter email along with their notification status from the TAA office. The acceptance letter email will contain specific information on how and where to complete various registration documents, as well as payment instructions. Acceptance letter emails (if you are accepted) are normally sent no later than two weeks after you have submitted your online application. Feel free to check with the TAA office (taa@belmont.edu or 615-460-5451) if you have not received your status notification and/or acceptance letter email within this time frame.

BACK FOR 2023!

ARTS INTEGRATION, CREATIVE DRAMA and MOVEMENT: The 2023 Elementary Theatre includes three areas of study. Each day participants will attend one class in arts integration, one in creative drama and one in movement. In the arts integration classes participants will explore strategies using the fine and performing arts to help facilitate the learning process within traditional subject areas. A second daily class in creative drama will focus on ways teachers can use the improvisational and non-performance aspects of theatre to create unique learning experiences for students across the curriculum. A final daily class in movement and dance for elementary students will be offered. These classes are especially designed for classroom generalist teachers, librarians, special education, physical education, and gifted teachers.

TRIO TRACK: "Trio Track" will once again include both elementary/lower middle and upper middle/secondary level teachers, providing participants enrolled in this track a daily multidisciplinary experience in three distinct arts areas. Each day Trio Track participants will attend a pre-designated class in music, theatre, and visual art. Participants will attend the same core class in each content area for the entire week, allowing complete immersion in one topic for each arts discipline. Like all TAA participants, teachers enrolled in the Trio Track will attend all Academy performances, musings, interludes and special events. Space is limited and applicants are advised to register early for these sessions. Please visit the Tennessee Arts Academy website as additional information is added in upcoming months.

2023 Registration Fees:

All Tennessee K-12 Teachers in any TAA area: $449.00
TAA will accept the following participants on a space available basis:
All Tennessee University and College Professors in any TAA area: $495.00
Out of State Music, Visual Art or Theatre Participant: $495.00
Out of State Arts Leadership and Administration Participant: $895.00
Do not mail any fees until you have received an acceptance packet. An optional installment payment plan is available for all K-12 Tennessee applicants. To review TAA tuition, the optional payment plan, on-campus housing costs and the TAA refund policy, please visit the TAA website.







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